Custom Automation

We provide customized, innovative automation engineering solutions for even the most compound problems. We offer turnkey solutions for small to large enterprises. Our forte is in utilizing the latest technology to provide high speed and reliable outputs.

Consulting & Design

A blend of Material Handling Engineering and Design Consultation for easy transition is a must as the business changes. We are proficient in conducting engineering study & survey, providing layout, warehouse and conveyor system design. We assist our clients in all the stages of a project, be it searching for the best slot for the product or setting up a new warehouse. From engineering & design to installation and training, our supervisors and project experts are available during the entire project.

Customer Service & Support

Our customer support team is aligned to help you resolve definitive issues and respond to queries pertaining to your industrial solution. We ensure to maintain and manage your system so that it performs to the best of its potential.

Project Execution

We ensure that your project runs efficiently with our accomplished technical team. We have certified project managers, site supervisors, site engineers and technically skilled labour to help you in the timely completion of the project.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC is provided to customers to ensure smooth operations and maintenance (O&M;) support for their valuable equipment. The accuracy and relevance of user-friendly, well-developed O&M; manuals are becoming important with time. AMC customer service calls are given priority over regular service calls ensuring minimal downtime and quicker response to the complaints. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service and experience.

Fabrication of Material

Mechatech is a fully integrated, fabrication company. Our staff of project engineers, design engineers and skilled labour offer a wide range of services from machining, welding to fabrication, testing and assembly of heavy-duty metal parts, components and assemblies. Fabrication is a value-added process involving making of required product and structures from various raw materials. It is all about changing the raw materials used in industry to fine products. In our manufacturing field, we routinely fabricate prototypes, produce parts and build sub-assemblies.