Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV’s are used to move products easily and quickly to reduce variances , such as injuries , found in human delivery operations . It enhances better space utilization with multi-directional movement and flexible navigation . This solution is best suited when there is high volume of repetitive movement of materials is required

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Technology to maximize your storage capabilities . AS/RS is a strategic solution to accurately manage inventory. Mechatech's flexible ASRS ensure the ability to adopt to changing market conditions now and in future. A basic ASRS system comprises of one or more aisles, each having a robotic crane to retrieve and store products in racks on either side of the aisle.Utilizing AS/RS increases throughput and efficiency, saves space, allows you to use your “air rights” and reduces building costs.It involves operations without any interruptions, break, distractions and shift premiums.

Conveyor & Conveyor System

Mechatech is an leading industry in the design and implementation of conveyor systems. The solutions are manufactured to be durable, customizable, maintenance – friendly and reliable according to your requirement. These systems ranges from simple straight line conveyor to a fully sortation system. Our ability to store, distribute, sort and move material efficiently has enabled our customers to maintain warehouse efficiency while increasing productivity and reducing time and costs. Mechatech offers a multitude of conveying equipment to transport your products including bag handling, specialized conveyors and pallet handling conveyors.